He uses 99 iPhone 6s to propose to girlfriend. Here's her reply...

How many iPhones does it take to win a woman's heart?

A computer programmer from Guangzhou, China banked on using 99 of the latest iPhone 6 models to help in his proposal.

He had planned the romantic gesture and arranged the gadgets in the shape of a heart.

But unfortunately for the poor man, his girlfriend  rejected him in front of friends and onlookers, The Nanfang Insider reported.

The man had spent RMB500,000 (S$105,402 ) on the 99 iPhones - an amount that is equivalent to two years' salary.

To rub salt into the wound, news about his (expensive) rejection has spread far and wide on the Internet. 






Well, at least he can take comfort in the fact that he has 99 iPhone 6s to choose from now. 

Sources: The Nanfang Insider, Twitter, Weibo

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