He was stressed about his exam so this student went to a barn and ...

A 23-year-old Fresno State university student has been arrested for allegedly having sex with an ewe.

The incident was reported after a student heard strange noises coming from a barn on campus at night and caught the 23-year-old in the act. 

"It’s just kind of disgusting and revolting and personally makes me angry. I mean, why would you do that?" said Marisa Burkdoll, a student.

Marisa found out about the bizzare incident through social media.

"There was a post that said something about the sheep unit at Fresno State and some guy was trying to have sex with the lambs.

"It’s just kind of sick. It’s unnatural and the animals they can’t really, I mean they can’t defend themselves. They can to an extent but they’re innocent, you know what I mean?"


According to Mirror Online, officers caught the fifth-year computer engineering student on top of the sheep with his pants down.

All the student could say after being caught was: "Am I going to be expelled for this?"

The unnamed student later told officers that he had been drinking heavily as he was stressed about an exam around the corner.

The student was charged with sexual assault of an animal and has since been released from jail.

Veterinarians have been keeping an eye out on sheep at the farm following the incident.  

Source: ABC7, Mirror Online, Metro

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