Headmaster allegedly hit and dragged student around school grounds

A housewife in Bukit Mertajam​, Penang has lodged a police report against the headmaster at her son's school for allegedly hitting the Year One student and dragging him around the grounds of the Sekolah Kebangsaan Stowel school.

S. Jellinah Swari, 36  initially thought her seven-year-old son was just hit by the headmaster on March 5 but was later informed by another parent that he was also dragged around.

“I went to confront the headmaster about the matter on March 10 but before I could see him, the senior assistant scolded me. She screamed ‘you perempuan bodoh, you ada anak otak tak betul. You ingat saya pengasuh anak you kah?’ (You are a stupid woman, your child is unsound. Do you think I’m your son’s nanny?), while slamming her hands on the table aggressively."

“Hearing the commotion, the headmaster asked me to go into his room, and expressed regret over his actions. He apologised and requested that I do not bring the matter to the media,” she said during a press conference at the Perai DAP service centre in Chai Leng Park yesterday.

Jellinah Swari(far right), her husband Dinesh Raja (second right) holding their son to show his injuries after the press conference at the Perai DAP service centre.

Jellinah Swari said her son has lost his appetite and is suffering from health problems following the incident.

She lodged a police report on Friday against the headmaster and a report with the state Education Department.

“I’ve been under a lot of pressure after my son’s teacher told me to send him to a special school as he was a slow learner. I took him to a child specialist who found that there was nothing wrong with him,” she said.

Source: The Star