Heads-up if you're going to Thailand for New Year: There might be a public drinking ban

Thailand's Public Health Ministry is set to propose a Bill banning the public consumption of alcohol during New Year and Songkran celebrations in the future.

Should the Bill be passed, public consumption of alcohol would be banned from Dec 31 to Jan 1 and April 13 - 15 every year. 

The Bangkok Post reported that proposed Bill is one of four that are being proposed to restrict alcohol consumption. It was announced by the director of the Alcohol Control Committee Office, Dr Saman Footrakul on Tuesday (Dec 2).

The other bills involve bans on the sale and consumption of alcohol at "public transport piers, transport terminals, places under the supervision of state agencies or enterprises and along rail tracks."

"We have submitted the proposals to the public health permanent secretary to be discussed at the Dec 19 alcohol-control meeting.

The alcohol-control policy makers will meet soon after, so the bills can come into effect before the upcoming New Year holidays." - Dr Saman Footrakul. 

 Source: Bangkok Post