Heiress sends private jet for unwanted dog

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A senior Labrador is lapping up the Rich life, with personal assistant and private jet in tow.

Once known as Ma Kettle, the ageing dog is now called Lady.

Wrigley Gum heiress Helen Rich read about the story of "Lady" on Facebook last month and was so moved, she opened her heart and home to the abandoned pooch.

Kelsey Loyd, Chautauqua County Animal Shelter, said Lady had been adopted twice but still returned to the shelter.

The first family said the senior dog didn't get along with other pets, KWCH12 reported.

Lady was then adopted by a second family, about 50km away. She escaped from the backyard and walked back to her previous owner's home.

Since then, she's struggled to find a permanent home.

Lady's life quickly changed when Rich, an heiress to the Wrigley's gum company, came across the dog's plight on Facebook.

The Florida resident owned a shelter and has rescued more than 300 other animals.

She sent her assistant, Chet Ragsdale, to Kansas, to pick up Lady in style last week.

Ragsdale flew into Independence Municipal Airport in a private jet.

"It's a blessing to do a lot of nice things for her, she does a lot of great things for the community at home and through the world actually so it's nice to help her," he said.

"Sounds like a fantastic place where she's going," Loyd said.

Lady arrived in Tampa and Rich gave an update - on Facebook of course. "So glad she is here with us."

Sources: Facebook, KWCH12, YouTube

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