Helicopter crash near golf course leaves two dead

Two men died when a helicopter crashed near an English golf course in East Yorkshire.

Their bodies were found near between the lighthouse and Flamborough Head golf course.

A police spokesman said rescue operations started "right away".

"A search was carried out which resulted in the helicopter being located in the sea off the coast of Flamborough near the light house," the spokesman added.

The men’s bodies were found after several hours of searching.

Humberside Police have urged the public to avoid the crash site due to the dangerous cliffs and aviation fuel in the water.

Aviation fuel is seen over the water in the picture. Photo: YouTube

Builder Chris Palmer, 33, said he heard a loud crack when the chopper crashed.

"I was with my parents, we all saw the helicopter flying along the coastline, we heard a big crack and saw the helicopter start to descend like a plane and go behind the cliffs.

"By the time I got to the cliffs, there was no sign of it because it had gone under the water. We're in shock that it's happened. It's an absolute tragedy.".

Source: The Independent