Here are 4 of Jeremy Clarkson's offensive comments: But fans of suspended Top Gear host want him back

​Following Top Gear host Jeremy Clarkson's suspension after a "fracas" with a producer, fans from all over the world are saying they want him back on air.

They have backed a petition calling for the presenter to be reinstated as host of the popular BBC show. 

Media reports said Clarkson, who is well known for his outspoken remarks, had punched a producer following an argument about food. 

In an official statement, the BBC said the show would not be aired this Sunday.

The corporation’s news website said it was unlikely the other two remaining episodes would be transmitted.

As a result, more than 630,000 fans have retaliated by backing the petition, which is called "BBC: Bring Back Clarkson", on petition site

While the fans are clearly impassioned, it seems that Clarkson himself isn't too bothered.

The 54-year-old presenter told reporters before getting into a car outside his home in west London: "I'm off to the job centre."

Clearly, he is used to controversy, having been involved in a number of incidents in the past.



Here is a list of his more infamous transgressions.

1. Racist children's rhyme 

Last year, when choosing between two cars, Clarkson sang the 'Eeny, meeny, miny, moe', which has racist origins.

While the footage shown on BBC shows Clarkson saying "Catch a teacher by his toe", raw footage showed that he used the n-word instead. 

2. Mocking people with 'special needs'

In 2010, Clarkson was judging two Ferraris on the show and descried the older car as a 'simpleton'.

He said it should be renamed the "430 special needs" instead of the 430 Special.

And he faced a backlash from the National Autistic Society after making that remark. 

3. Stereotyping against Mexico

In February 2011, the BBC had to apologise to the Mexican ambassador after all three of the Top Gear presenters including Richard Hammond and James May made offensive remarks about Mexico.

Their comments included likening the national food to ‘sick with cheese on it’ and describing Mexican people as ‘lazy, feckless, flatulent, overweight’.

4. Naming his dog after footballer Drogba

After naming his black pet dog after Chelsea footballer Didier Drogba, Clarkson was accused of racism... once again.

But he defended himself on Twitter saying that he was simply naming his dog after a "brilliant footballer".



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