Here are 8 really strange things about that 'I hate Thailand' video: Will new tourism strategy work?

Hands up, those who think it's wise to declare 'I hate Thailand' in a tourism campaign video?

Well, that's exactly what happened with the Tourism Authority of Thailand's choice of a five-minute video, encouraging tourists to visit.

Thailand's tourism industry took a hit after the military coup in May and the resultant curfew. Then, there was the murder of a British couple on Koh Tao island, which did not help the country's image.

Enter this video, which shows a tourist venting after his bag was stolen. Uploaded last week, the clip has drawn criticism from Thais - especially for its unrealistic boy-meets-girl plot.

There's also the part where foreign boy meets a Thai girl and then suddenly starts to appreciate the country - by teaching English and speaking Thai. Really? 

Criticism aside, the clip has racked up almost 1.4 million views to date.

Here are 8 reasons why some people are calling this one of the strangest tourism campaign videos ever. (Although who can forget the epic 'Honey, look!' video by Singapore Tourism Board)


1) No one in their right mind would choose to begin a video for tourists by saying: "I hate Thailand".


2) The first 30 seconds of footage shows the topless tourist looking dishevelled and penniless - because someone stole his bag.

Basically what are they saying? Go to Thailand and risk being robbed?


3) I'm not sure why he hates Thailand.

He didn't get into any trouble for throwing a rock at this moving vehicle - behaviour that people in any country usually frown upon.


4) Erm, do guys really not care when they're naked in front of others?


5) You know who's the true star of the video? That 'mosquito terminator'.


6) In what world would this line fly?

Guy says to girl: "You're not beautiful... you're narak (Thai for cute)"


7) A monkey stole and kept the guy's bag for days. Then some Thai men found it.

Does this mean I can still hope for the safe return of my shades, which a monkey had snatched previously?


8) This is perhaps the most puzzling thing of the entire video: The guy, James, decides that he wants to stay in Thailand - for TWO YEARS.

And he starts working as a snorkelling instructor, and an English teacher.

Hello, does the government really want tourists to overstay their visas?

Sources: YouTube, Mail Online

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