Here's a crazy-looking mugshot of a man with a massive tattoo

There are all sorts of criminals out there.

The dumb ones make for hilarious stories, like this thief who fell asleep on the job. The strange ones make for pretty kooky tales, like this woman who chewed up the back seat of police car.

But it's the vain ones who take the cake. Like this woman who hated her "unflattering" mugshot so much she turned herself in. 

Or in this case, a man who used his mugshots to show off his tattoo.

Meet Victor Thompson. The 46-year-old man was arrested by Florida police last month.

Not only did he eschew the standard gloomy countenance while having his photo taken, the man also took the chance to showcase his massive skull tattoo, reported news site Mashable.

The result? A pretty unique mugshot that's got people talking, reported NY Daily News.

The tattoo resembles the football helmet of New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, reported The Smoking Gun.

It includes Brady's number, the American flag, the National Football League logo, the Super Bowl trophy and even the name of the company (Riddell) that makes football helmets, reported NY Daily News.

Thompson, who was searched for trespassing, was arrested on Sept 10 for having 3.1g of synthetic marijuana in his possession.

He claimed he didn't know it was illegal in Florida as the drug is legal in New Hampshire,” his home state, reported WMUR9, an ABC syndicate.

He is being held in jail in lieu of a US$1,500 (S$1,900) bond.

We're not sure about your claim of ignorance, but we give you props for knowing how to smile in a bad situation.

 Sources: Mashable, NY Daily News, WMUR9, The Smoking Gun

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