Here's why you shouldn't call or email me after work, boss

Are you constantly checking your work inbox?

Here's a reason NOT to: Checking your work email at home or during the weekends could be damaging to your health.

With 24/7 digital access on iPhone, iPads, and last-seen time stamps, it has become more difficult to explain why you haven't replied to that email at 9pm.

But take heart, stressed Singaporeans: Several European companies and ministries are fighting for staff welfare.

A German study involving 57,000 people found those who worked in the evenings and weekends were more likely to have insomnia, headaches, anxiety and stomach problems.

Clear divide between work and play

Researchers found that heart and muscular problems were also an issue with people who worked outside normal hours.

Scientists argued for a clear divide between work and recreational time - insisting that the two should not overlap.

They said: "Information and communication technologies... have the potential benefit and the inherent danger of making it possible for employees to be available any time and anywhere.

"Free time should be free time. Otherwise it must be expected that it cannot fulfill functions of recovery and recuperation."

Here's what some large companies and governments in Europe are doing to address this issue.


1) Daimler, a German car maker, installed software on its 100,000 employees' computers that automatically deletes email if staff are away on holiday.

Spokesman Oliver Wihofszki said: "The idea behind it is to give people a break and let them rest. Then they can come back to work with a fresh spirit."

2) Deutsche Telekom decreed that managers stop sending email to staff during evenings, weekends and holidays.

Not only did Germany's labour ministry follow the example, it also urged all managers to follow suit.

The rules state that contact is only allowed if it's an urgent task that cannot be postponed.

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1) French labour unions and corporate representatives agreed to stop exchanging email after the worker clocks out.

This is to make sure their legally-entitled 11 hours of free time is uninterrupted.

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