High Court cancels tour guide Yang Yin's bail

Former China tour guide Yang Yin's bail has been revoked by the High Court.

Yang had been granted bail of $150,000 by District Judge Eddy Tham. The prosecution went to the High Court against this.

On Monday, the Attorney-General's Chambers (AGC) argued that the district court decision had disregarded the 40-year-old China national as a high flight risk, among other things.

Yang is in a legal tussle with the niece of wealthy widow Madam Chung Khin Chun over her estimated $40 million assets.

Explaining his decision yesterday, Chief Justice Sundaresh Menon said it was "not appropriate, at this time, to grant bail to the accused", after taking into account all considerations.


The accused had "few, if any roots" in Singapore, said the Chief Justice, who later added that Yang would have the means to live comfortably if he were to abscond.

The Chief Justice also felt there would be "no water off a surety's back" if the source of bail money did not come from the bailor himself.

Yang's lawyer, Mr Wee Pan Lee, suggested that the order be modified for the bailor to put in more money so there would be an incentive for him or her to ensure that Yang would not abscond. He added that it would be "foolhardy" for Yang to abscond.

Yang faces 331 charges for falsification of receipts worth about $450,000 made to his company, Young Dance and Music Studio.

The prosecution had earlier urged the court to put the bail at $800,000, with four sureties. The next mention of the case will be on Dec 4.