Hilarious photo of US man who fell asleep while burglarising house

A burglar in Florida decided to take a nap in his victim's house. Not the smartest of decisions.

Dopey Dion Davis, 29, lay down on the bed with a ziplock bag filled with the jewellery he had taken from the home in Nokomis next to him.

He fell into a deep sleep and didn't even stir when a cleaner entered the room and discovered him.

The cleaner called the cops, who arrived with their guns drawn. But Davis remained oblivious to the fuss and continued snoozing.

So the cops took the chance to snap photos of the sleeping burglar before waking him.

Mirror reported a police source as saying: "The officers had never had an easier bust.

"They gently woke him up before reading him his rights.

"Apparently breaking into a home can be pretty tiring."

Talk about sleeping on the job.

Sources: Mirror, Sarasota County (FL) Sheriff's Office

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