Hitch-hiking robot survives trip across Canada

The talking robot, hitchBot  that set out to travel across Canada one hitchhike at a time has completed its journey last Saturday (Aug 16).

HitchBot , assembled from household odds and ends, is part of a social experiment to see if humans trust robots.

Tracked by GPS, he was left by the side of the road near Halifax airport, by his co-creators Dr David Smith from McMaster University and Dr Frauke Zeller from Ryerson University and he was offered his first ride moments later and thus began his epic journey across Canada, reported Canadian media outlet, The Star.

Throughout the 6,000 km travelled, hitchBot relied only on the kindness of strangers to complete the journey which eventually ended in Victoria, in the Western part of Canada.

"Our aim is to further discussion in society about our relationship with technology and robots, and notions of safety and trust," said Dr Zeller

She said: "It cannot achieve its task of hitchhiking across Canada without the help of people, because it cannot move by itself."

Judging from the pictures being shared online, hitchBot has shown that not only can robots can trust humans but they can also be fast friends.






How is he going to celebrate completing the journey?

By thanking all of "hosting" an event to thank his fans on Thursday (Aug 21).

Congratulations,​ hitchBot.

Source: AFP, The Star