Holidaying in Thailand? You'll be given a 'safety' wristband with your name, nationality, hotel

Tourists visiting Thailand will be given wristbands carrying their personal details, the country announced on Tuesday.

The wristbands will be distributed by hotels.

Director general of the department of tourism, Mr Arnuparp Gaesornsuwan, said: "If anything happens to them we will then know their names, nationality and hotel."

"We have discussed it with hotel operators and they are willing to do it," he said. "We are not going into their personal information – it’s just the details they have to fill out on the immigration form already."

The new measure comes at a time when the country is under intense scrutiny over visitor safety following the murder of two British holidaymakers.

Tourist police said the safety measure would be voluntary.

Curb partying hours

Commander of the tourist police, Mr Apichai Ti-armataya, said: "In case they (tourists) get drunk and fall asleep on the beach we can bring them back to their hotels."

He said the plan would be rolled out “soon” on popular resort islands such as Koh Tao and Koh Phangan and the tourist beach area of Pattaya.

The department of tourism is also looking to curb partying hours in visitor hotspots.

"Most of tourists are coming here for diving or to admire our nature – not to party,” Mr Arnuparp said.

He said that adding new “zoning” curbs would likely control all-night bars and clubs.

Source: AFP