Honda's personal transport device makes waves in viral video

Ever wanted to cruise around on a Segway, but wished that it came with a seat?

The Uni-Cub β (pronounced "beta") could just be your choice for personal transportation. It is Honda's latest personal mobility device, a smaller and lighter version of its predecessor, Uni-Cub.

It features a fully-automated balance control system and an omnidirectional driving wheel system (Honda Omni Traction Drive System), which came from Honda's research on robotics.

It allows the Uni-Cub β to travel forward, backward and sideways by leaning towards the intended direction. The seat has been designed such that the rider's height is about the same as a person standing.

The weight of the Uni-Cub β has also been reduced, making it more feasible for use in narrow spaces such as offices and libraries.

But, you'll have to wait to hop on one as Honda does not have a launch date for the device.

Viral video

American alternative rock band OK Go's latest music video, I Won't Let You Down, has been a hit on the Internet, reaching over 9 million views since its release last week.

The video shows the band, along with over 1,000 extras, riding on the Honda Uni-Cub β using coloured umbrellas and a camera mounted on a flying drone to create visually-stunning effects.