Hong Kong climbers hang protest banner off landmark cliff

A group of climbers unfurled a giant protest banner from a famous Hong Kong cliff on Thursday.

Climbers unveiled the 28m banner off Lion Rock, an imposing hill with a steep cliffside that rises above the densely-packed working class Kowloon area.

The yellow banner featured the slogan “I want genuine universal suffrage” and an umbrella, the symbol adopted by democracy protesters campaigning for full democracy.

In their video a climber dressed in a Spiderman outfit said: “The small circle electoral committee (who voted for Leung in 2012) and the Chief Executive only care about the rich on Tai Ping Shan and not the poor under Lion Rock.” 

Tai Ping Shan is the local name for Victoria Peak, the famous hill that dominates Hong Kong Island and boasts some of the world’s most expensive properties. 

In contrast, Lion Rock overlooks poorer neighbourhoods across the harbour that were historically the first port of call for impoverished immigrants from mainland China hoping to better themselves. 

The phrase “Lion Rock Spirit” has since become adopted by Cantonese speakers to encapsulate Hong Kong’s renown as a place where hard work and perseverance meant a brighter future.

Police on Thursday confirmed that 10 climbers were involved in unfurling the banner, adding that that officers were at the scene.

Source: AFP


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