Hong Kong leader's daughter 'thanks' taxpayers for funding her diamond necklace

​The daughter of Hong Kong chief executive Leung Chun Ying has angered Hong Kongers after she allegedly referred to them as "silly" taxpayers on a Facebook post.

This comes at a time where demonstrators are asking him to quit, as they demand for the right to fully democratically elect their own leader. The protests have brought the territory's central district to a standstill.

Netizens began criticising Ms Leung Chai Yan after a profile photo of her wearing a diamond necklace was uploaded.

She shot back with another Facebook post.

This time, there were a string of inflammatory remarks seemingly aimed at the detractors.

She went on to mock Hong Kongers, saying that taxpayers are funding her shoes, dresses and bags.

The Facebook posts have since been taken down.

Meanwhile the protests are still going strong with the threat of renewed confrontation looming.

Te tensions comes after the elder Leung has said that he will not quit, despite calls for him to do so. 

Sources: Mail Online, Wall Street Journal, South China Morning Post



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