Hong Kong man hid bodies of murdered mistress & son in flat for 14 years

This article is more than 12 months old

​A man from Hong Kong living in Shenzhen was arrested after allegedly killing his mistress and their two-year-old son. He then kept their bodies in his apartment for 14 years.

The bodies were discovered last month after a maid was sent to clean his apartment, on his request. She made the grim discovery after finding the bones, wrapped in plastic, in a smelly, woven bag

The man, who is merely identified as Kan, rented the top floor flats. One was meant for accommodation and the other for utilities. 

The maid accidentally entered the room meant for "utilities".

Police said that Kan had committed the crime in another apartment and took the dead bodies with him when he moved.

He reportedly strangled his mistress and son in May 2000 while they were taking a nap.

Kan reportedly told police that he was addicted to gambling and had accumulated huge debts.

He said he did not know how to raise the money to house and feed them every month.

The mistress' family did not even realise that she was missing until last month. Her mother had assumed that they had just lost contact after moving in with Kan.

Sources: South China Morning Post, New York Daily News, Hong Kong Standard