Hong Kong police used tear gas on protesters 87 times; China blocks Instagram

Hong Kong police said on Monday that tear gas was used 87 times during clashes with pro-democracy protesters on Sunday.

This is the first time police have fired tear gas since 2005.



Assistant Commissioner Cheung Tak-keung said tear gas was used at nine places, although he did not clarify whether multiple canisters of gas were used on each occasion.

He said at a press conference: "The use of force is used in a situation when we have no other alternatives​."

Mr Cheung added that officers felt compelled to fire canisters when "police cordon lines were heavily charged by some protesters".

China blocks Instagram

The protest, which began last week, has attracted thousands of supporters. 

They are demonstrating against China's decision that candidates​ for Hong Kong's 2017 election will have to be approved by a special committee.

China has moved to wipe social media coverage of the mass protests and blocked photo-sharing service Instagram​.



According to the US-based website China Digital Times, which monitors Chinese propaganda, authorities have directed all websites to “immediately” remove any information related to the Hong Kong protests.

A sharply-worded editorial in state media took a dim view of the protest.

The Global Times, which is linked to the ruling Communist Party, wrote in both its Chinese- and English-language editions: "The radical activists are doomed.

"Opposition groups know well it’s impossible to alter the decision of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress on Hong Kong’s political reform plan," the paper wrote.

Source: AFP

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