Hot felon lands $30k modelling contract after viral mugshot

This article is more than 12 months old

His handsome mugshot, which went viral two weeks ago, has now landed him a modelling contract. 

Jeremy Meeks, 30, whose chiseled looks and blue-eyes stole hearts of women across the world, has landed a US$30,000 (S$37,400) contract with Los Angeles-based Blaze Modelz, reported TMZ. 

The agency has claimed it can book him for runway jobs with high-end fashion houses - such as Versace and Armani - and earn thousands a month, reported Daily Mail. 

It also considers Meeks' tattoos edgy and sexy, which could help his modelling aspirations.

The convicted felon also has a Hollywood talent agent, Gina Rodriguez, who is helping him to secure a series of deals, including a reality television show.

But Meeks first needs to get out of jail as he is being held on US$1,050,000 (S$1.31 million) bail after his arrest on multiple felony charges, reported Huffington Post. 

The now-famous photo on the Stockton Police Department Facebook page has attracted more than 100,000 likes, 12,000 shares and 26,000 comments since it was posted on  July 19.

Some of his fans have already imagined how he would look as a model:


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