The House, a poem by TNP reader Qasrina Sima

TNP reader Qasrina Sima turns 19 today (Nov 17) so we thought we would make her day by publishing one of her poems, entitled the House.
Qasrina, ​ who dabbles in poetry, is a Year 3 student at Republic Polytechnic.
We wish her all the best.
Happy Birthday, Qasrina!
"The House"
I gave my heart to you
With you I found home
A place I didn't want to move
As I knew I wasn't all alone
The warmth we brought home every day
Now becomes ice cold that froze our soul
The affection manifested in every way
Now not even microbes are left to hold
The land of the house we built
Is already out for sale
It burned by the fire we lit
Turned to ashes of a fairytale
It was never about the interior
It has always been the outlook
Since we are our own superior
The principles of love are overlooked
We both tried to save our home
knowing it was better off abandoned
We insisted renovating every inch
knowing it would only be dampened
Memories that will always linger
Scars that will never be healed
Neither you nor I is the winner
Because what we had was once real
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