HSA: Two beauty products sold online found with high levels of mercury

The Health Sciences Authority (HSA) is advising the public against buying or sharing of two beauty products being sold online.

The products were found to contained high levels of mercury.

HSA lists the products as:

Pati IbuPutih by Janna Lawwa Day Creamy FACE n BODY WHITE (PUTIH GEBU KEKAL)

Pati IbuPutih by Janna Lawwa Night Creamy FACE n BODY WHITE (PUTIH GEBU KEKAL)

Contents of the ‘Pati Ibu Putih by Janna Lawwa Day Creamy FACE n BODY WHITE (PUTIH GEBU KEKAL)’. PHOTO: HEALTH SCIENCE AUTHORITY
Contents of the Pati IbuPutih by Janna Lawwa Night Creamy FACE n BODY WHITE (PUTIH GEBU KEKAL)PHOTO: HEALTH SCIENCES AUTHORITY

Marketed as a skin whitening product, the face creams have been sold on various online platforms such as blogs and online shopping sites.

Mercury is prohibited as an ingredient in cosmetic products because it may cause rashes, skin irritation and blotchiness of the skin. 

It can be absorbed through the skin and sustained exposure to high levels of mercury may also affect the kidneys and nervous system as .

HSA is advising the public to stop using and discard any of the products.

If anyone who used the products experiences any ill effects, HSA advise them to seek medical attention immediately.

They also would like to remind the public about the risks related to online purchases.

The products may be illegal, counterfeit or substandard.

Members of public are encouraged to visit to learn more about the dangers of buying illegal health products from online sources.