Hug my parents, says S'pore Literature Prize English fiction winner Amanda Lee Koe

At the tender age of 27, she's beaten three other experienced authors to win the prestigious English fiction award at the Singapore Literature Prize.

Amanda Lee Koe's debut book Ministry of Moral Panic is an anthology of short stories.

It was published last year.

Currently in New York, she wasn't able to accept the prize on her own.

But she did task fellow writer friends with an important job. 

She wrote: "Friends who will be at the SLP (Singapore Literature Prize) dinner tonight, can you do me a favour? If you see these two people (her parents below) in the picture, can you give them a hug or a pat on the back for me?"

Koe wrote a particularly touching post on how her parents played an important role in her becoming a writer.

She wrote: "My family was there as a canvas for me when I had no flaming clue what I was or wanted to be, when I was merely lost in love with make-believe, and words, and stories, and I will be ever grateful for that."

And if you're wondering if Koe's parents did receive hugs, her mum Nancy said they received lots of handshakes and a hug.

So mission accomplished.

Source: Facebook