Hunger Games fans, whet your appetites with this three-course dinner based around the franchise

If the release of the new Hunger Games instalment, Mockingjay Part 1, has got you excited, feast on this!

Geek Crusade is putting together a Hunger Games-themed three-course dinner on Nov 26 for fans of the hugely popular franchise. 

Check out the customised menu, where each dish is based on an actual quote from The Hunger Games books.

Mr Nicholas Yong, who is behind Geek Crusade, said: "Each dish is based on an actual quote from The Hunger Games books."

Starter: The soup that Katniss loves - Creamy pumpkin brew

Cream of butternut squash, toasted shaved almonds, black sesame

Main: Katniss’ favourite dish- Lamb stew with prunes

Braised lamb shoulder, dried prunes , whipped potato, roots


Lunch with Cinna – Chicken in creamy orange sauce

Low temperature chicken thigh, white grains, green peas, creamy orange sauce

Dessert: President Snow’s party – Frothy pink soup

Red dragon fruit froth, raspberry drops, sour cream
Hungry yet? Make a reservation here.
It costs $55 per person.
And hurry because Yong said: "We've sold about half our tickets after a week and are pretty confident of selling out again."
The event organisers are the team behind the Game of Thrones-themed dinner earlier this year.
Credit: Bryan Huang/Geek Crusade
And if you're wondering, yes, you can dress up for the dinner (maybe you'll even find your own Peeta and Gale).
Source: Geek Cusade
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