India woman flees home after failing to kill bedridden husband

A woman tried to kill her ailing husband by pushing him off a bridge in India.

But her husband survived the attempt on his life and the woman is now on the run.

Maya was fed up with caring for her husband, who has been bedridden for the past three years.

On Friday, she took him to Ramganga Bridge in the northern Indian state of Uttar Pradesh and pushed him into the river, expecting him to drown.

She then returned home and started making preparations for the prayer to honour her "late" husband.

Financial strain

Unknown to her, two divers had spotted her husband struggling in the water and jumped in to rescue him.

The husband, Govind Ram, 53, was taken to hospital.

Mr Ram, who used to run a fruit juice shop, fell ill about three years ago. The cost of his treatment put a financial strain on the family.

During the past few months. Mr Ram was confined to a bed and was not even able to use the toilet on his own. 

The couple have an 18-year-old son.

Police are now hunting for Maya.

Source: The Star