Indian girl who was abducted, strangled and buried alive escapes death

An Indian girl who was allegedly abducted, strangled and then buried alive by relatives in the northern state of Uttar Pradesh has been rescued by a villager, reported the BBC.

Police say the relatives had left her to die in a shallow grave near the village of Semri Gaura where she lives. It is unclear why.

“We were working in the fields we heard a child scream," Ramrati, one of the women who rescued Tanu, who was reported to be between five to seven years old, told Deccan Chronicle.

"We dug her out of the grave and took her to the hospital.” 

Tanu told Indian TV station Headlines Today that her uncle had asked her to go along with him to eat food and see some fish

"He then dug a hole and put mud on top of me"

"Later an aunty came and rescued me," she said.

Police looking for relatives

Police are looking for her mother, uncle and aunt who they say have fled.

"When the girl became conscious, she began to remove the soil on top of her and clambered out of the shallow grave. Then she sat there and cried loudly when the villager spotted her," Sitapur police chief Rajesh Krishna told BBC Hindi.

"There are strangulation marks around the girl's neck."

Screengrab from YouTube

Reports say the girl lived with her mother.

Her father apparently had no idea about the attack and has told police he is estranged from his wife and lives separately,the BBC reported.

Police say they have yet to establish a motive for the attack.

Source: BBC, Deccan Chronicle

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