Indian men harass girl for using mobile phone, then set her on fire

A 17-year-old girl died after four men attacked her and set her on fire, India police said on Monday.

The teen had ventured outside her home in the Uttar Pradesh state on Saturday night to relieve herself when she was set upon by the men.

The girl had earlier been harassed by the attackers, who were members of her village, for using a mobile phone, an act they deemed immoral, a police officer said.

The teen had argued against the men’s directive to stop using the phone, her family told police.

Died from injuries

Local police superintendent Akhilesh Chaurasiya said: "The girl’s father has accused (a man called) Mukesh and three others of killing his daughter by setting her on fire when she had gone out to answer nature’s call."

The girl was taken to hospital but died on Sunday from injuries sustained in the attack in Auraiya village.

Mr Chaurasiya said initial criminal cases have been registered against all four men, and that the leader of the group has fled the village.

Source: AFP