Indian parents send 11-month-old baby paragliding on her own

This article is more than 12 months old

An Indian couple in the state of Kerala is facing child abuse charges.

Why? Because they send their 11-month-old girl on a solo paragliding trip.

The shocking images were filmed as the terrified infant was strapped in alone and sent up 15m above a beach.

Horrified spectators watched on as the tiny girl, named as Niya Nazam, was harnessed in before the paraglider was dragged along the beach behind a truck and hoisted into the sky, Mail Online reported.

According the The Times of India, the event was organised by an adventure sports and tourism group which said the stunt was aimed at increasing the popularity of paragliding.

But the baby’s ordeal has sparked outrage in Kerala where the state’s Human Rights Commission is said to have registered a case against the parents and organisers.

Source: Mail Online, The Times of India