Indonesia alerted to be on lookout for MH370 wreckage on its coastline

Australia has alerted Indonesian authorities to be on the lookout for wreckage from missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 on its coastline. 

Floating debris from the aircraft may have drifted away from Australia's western coastline and may wash up on Indonesia's coastline, the Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB) said on Wednesday (Oct 22). 

ATSB said they regularly receive reports from members of the public in Australia about possible MH370 debris washing up on the Australian coastline.

While the reports are "carefully" reviewed, the bureau said that it is more likely that the wreckage would have floated west, away from Australia, reports The Independent.

The search for the missing plane entered a new phase in October, focusing on a long, narrow arc in the southern Indian Ocean where MH370 made its last satellite communication. 

ATSB chief commissioner Martin Dolan said earlier this month they feel there is a "high probability" wreckage of the plane will be found in the new search area. 

Sources: Xinhua, The Independent

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