Indonesian maid in Hong Kong loses leg after 60kg concrete block falls on her

An Indonesian maid working in Hong Kong had her left leg amputated after a 60kg concrete block fell on her.

The incident happened at the boarding house of her employment agency at around 5am on Wednesday (March 11).

Ms Elis Kurniasih BT Ahi Komarudi​, 33, was at the second-storey balcony when the block broke away from an air-conditioning unit on the fifth floor and fell on her, local media reported.

The mother-of-two has undergone three major operations and was still in a coma on Saturday (March 14), reported South China Morning Post.

'Wait for the baby to be born'

There are conflicting reports on what Ms Komarudi was doing at that time.

According to South China Morning Post, the maid had been asleep on a mattress. But The Standard reported that she had been preparing for her Muslim prayers.

Non-govermental organisation Mission For Migrant Workers issued a statement on Friday (March 13) saying Ms Komarudi​​ arrived in Hong Kong on March 5.

"However, her female employer who is seven months pregnant told Elis to wait for another two months and wait for the baby to be born before formally starting employment. Allegedly, the employer told her to stay in the agency`s boarding house for the meantime," it said.

South China Morning Post reported that the maid had previously worked for three years for another employer in Hong Kong.

It quoted Ms Edwina Antonio of Mission For Migrant Workers as saying: "(Ms Komarudi​​) doesn't know that she's lost a leg yet. She has been in a coma because of the accident."

Sources: South China Morning Post, The Standard, Mission For Migrant Workers

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