Indonesian media: Singapore plane fined S$6,345 for entering airspace

A Singapore registered plane that was forced to land in Pontianak, Indonesia after two fighter jets from the Indonesian air force intercepted the plane on Tuesday (Oct 28) has been released after paying a fine, Indonesian media reported..

According to, the plane was fined Rp 60,000,000 ($6,345) because it was deemed to have entered Indonesian airspace without permission.

The Straits Times reported that the plane, owned and operated by Singapore Technologies (ST) Aerospace landed safely at Seletar Airport at 7.18pm on Wednesday (Oct 29). reported that Colonel PNB Tedi Rizalihadi, Commander of the Supadio Pontianak Air Base, said that the plane has been released because they found that the plane posed no danger to the peace of Indonesia and that administrative and penalty requirement has been met. 

ST Aerospace told ST that the required approvals had been duly sought before the flight which it described as a "routine route familiarisation flight."

"We would like to clarify that we filed the flight plan in accordance with airspace regulations through the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore and have been operating this route for a number of years without prior notification from the authorities of any issue for using this route,"  - ST Aerospace spokesperson speaking to The Straits Times.

The Beechcraft 9L was intercepted by two Sukhoi 27/30 Flanker TNI AU jets from an airbase in Batam after radar detected that it had entered Indonesian air space for a second time at about 1pm on Tuesday flying towards Singapore. 

They first detected the plane entering Indonesian air space at about 10.15am the same day, flying from Singapore to East Malaysia.

Source:,, The Straits Times.