Indonesian woman's eye-catching offer: Buy my house & I'll marry you

Listen up, house hunters: This place is up for grabs.

For the price of Rp$999 million ($105,000), you'll get more than just a home in Yogyakarta. You'll also get a wife (yes, she comes with the turf).

Meet Ms Wina Lia, the Indonesian salon owner with the controversial offer.

Indonesian TV station Metro TV News reported yesterday (Mar 10) that her house listing was the real deal.

Fed-up with failed attempts to find a spouse after her husband died in 2000, she decided to take another tack and put up advertisements of the offer on housing website Rumah Dijual.

The ads are not a joke, she said:

"(That's right), I really am looking for a mate. I've struggled for fairly long to find a husband, it has been difficult.
"Every time I meet someone, I will always fail in keeping the relationship. I've already broken up twice."

Before you splash out the money, check if you fit the bill.

The mother-of-two's list of criteria for her potential husband.

Apply only if you are:

  1. Single
  2. Bachelor or widower's okay
  3. Must be mature and responsible
  4. Must be a religious Muslim
  5. Must like her two kids from her previous marriage

Her 523-square meter house, which was built two years ago, is located at the Randu Scissors Martani Park, Kalasan, Sleman Yogyakarta.

This daring offer of hers, she said was her "cry" for a "serious man" to find her.

WATCH: Ms Wina Lia talks about her controversial offer (in Malay)


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Source: Metro TV News