Internet turns 25: Number of websites explodes past a billion... and counting

The number of websites has hit more than one billion.

And it's still growing, according to figures updated in real time yesterday (Sept 16) by online tracker Internet Live Stats.

Tim Berners-Lee, considered the father of the World Wide Web, touted the milestone  where else – but online.

It comes as the agency responsible for managing addresses on the Internet expands choices far beyond “.com” and “.net” to provide more online real estate for the booming ranks of websites.

The World Wide Web turned 25 in April this year.

It was born from an idea in a technical paper from Berners-Lee, then a relatively unknown young computer scientist at a European physics lab.

He was working at CERN lab in Switzerland when he outlined a way to easily access files on linked computers, paving the way for a global phenomenon that has touched the lives of billions of people. - AFP

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