Irfan Fandi should not play in the S-League, say readers

​Given that he's one of Singapore's best football talents, which was reiterated in a recent article by a British newspaper, TNP polled readers on their thoughts about Irfan's future.

We asked if Irfan Fandi, 17, who was named by The Guardian, as one of the 40 best young talents in world football, should play in the S-league?

An overwhelming 91 per cent of the 187 readers who responded said: "No" to Irfan playing in the local league here.

These were some of the responses:

"Don't waste time in S-league. Go where you can develop at the highest level - in Europe. Football players typically have a short career . So focus and seize the best opportunity quickly while you are young.


"He will probably get much better playing with international players. He can still represent Singapore when it comes to international matches!"


"Right now, the environment does not suit him. Some clubs don't even recognize double trainings in a day. Most clubs don't own their own facilities (e.g. Stadiums). Proper facilities are required for one to get better."


The lack of competition will hinder his development.

And 97 per cent said that Irfan Fandi should go abroad to establish himself as a successful, professional football player.

We also asked readers where he should go to be a successful football player and not surprisingly many said he should go and play in a European league.

The more popular options among readers include England, Spain, Germany and Italy.

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