ISIS terror group publicly kills female lawyer for her critical Facebook posts

Islamic State group militants seized a female human rights lawyer in the Iraqi city of Mosul on Sept 17.

They publicly executed her last week, allegedly for her critical Facebook posts about their destruction of landmarks in Mosul, the UN mission in Iraq said yesterday.

The group's self-styled Islamic court ruled that she had abandoned Islam.

She was tortured for five days, then sentenced to “public execution.”

Her Facebook page appears to have been removed since her death, media reports said.

Isis took hold of Mosul in June, implementing a harsh version of Islamic law.

In August, the group destroyed a number of historic landmarks in the town, including several mosques and shrines, claiming the landmarks promote apostasy.

Among Muslim hard-liners, apostasy is considered to be not just conversion from Islam to another faith, but also committing actions that are so against the faith that one is considered to have abandoned Islam.

The Gulf Center for Human Rights said al-Nuaimi had worked on detainee rights and poverty.

The Bahrain-based rights organisation said her death “is solely motivated by her peaceful and legitimate human rights work, in particular defending the civil and human rights of her fellow citizens in Mosul".

Not the first

The Washington Post quoted a social worker who said: “Samira was not the first (female victim).”

Suha Oda, a 29-year-old social activist from Mosul, said four women have suffered a similar fate over the past month, including three doctors who were executed last week.

Iraqi media reports said the women had been killed because they refused to treat a wounded Islamic State fighter.

Sources: New York Daily News, Washington Post

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