It's confirmed! Fan Bingbing is dating her co-star

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Actress Fan Bingbing is officially dating her The Empress Of China co-star Li Chen.

Rumours about the pair began surfacing last year, but the couple confirmed the romance only on Friday (May 29).

Li, 36, posted a photo of them on Weibo with the caption "Us". Fan, 33, shared his post on her Weibo page.

This is the first time Fan has gone public with her love life in her 18-year career, said NetEase website.

Fan, who has topped the Forbes China Celebrity List for three years, is the producer and star of The Empress Of China, a television drama about empress Wu Zetian. 

Li, who is No.19 on the list, plays a general in the show.



Talk about a romance has stalked the two after they began interacting frequently on Weibo last year, said NetEase.

But at the time, Fan explained that it was her job as a producer to attract publicity for the show.

Early this year, photos of the couple at a New Year gathering made the rounds on social media.

In February, Li said on Weibo: "It’s snowing, it’s snowing. If we don’t hold up an umbrella and keep going, will we go all the way till we have white hair?"

As if in answer, Fan later wrote: "Loving someone is very simple. It’s wanting to say good night after you have said good night. It’s snowing in Beijing tonight."

On Valentine’s Day, when she was in Shanghai for the taping of a programme, he was seen at the same hotel as her, said NetEase. Two days later, he was spotted leaving through the back exit.

Source: The Straits Times

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