Jackie Chan's son, Jaycee, gets 6 months' jail for drug offence

​The son of action star Jackie Chan has been sentenced to six months in prison - after he admitted to a drug offence on Friday.

Jaycee Chan was also fined 2,000 Yuan (S$430), a Beijing court said

The younger Chan, 32, also admitted to hosting drug users, like Taiwanese actor Kai Ko and Chinese entertainer Alice in his Beijing home four times, from 2012 to 2014.

He apologised in court: "I broke the law and I should be punished."

He also said:

"However, even if I get the punishment, it doesn't necessarily mean I will get forgiveness.
"When I return to society, I will not repeat this because I have let my family and friends down."

This case has drawn widespread attention from both local and international media, as well as the public who follow the trial on social media.

Some websites have been running live blogs while the Beijing court has been providing live updates through the various social media platforms.

Jackie Chan previously posted a message on his Weibo account that he was "extremely angry and extremely shocked" over his son's behaviour.

Source: AFP

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