Jailed for life: 'Inhuman' dad who bit, punched and killed 9-week-old baby girl

She was his baby girl.

But instead of protecting the child, Lithuanian Aurimas Medvedevas bit, punched, shook and killed his own daughter.

She was just nine weeks old when she died from the horrific injuries he inflicted.

Medvedevas, 23, left her to die in agony, for up to six hours, in the cot.

Yesterday (Sept 25), a British court jailed Medvedevas for life. He will be eligible for parole after 22 years.

Horrific injuries

Baby Aukse died on Sept 5 last year, the day her mother went back to work for the first time since giving birth.

She had suffered severe injuries, including head wounds, a lacerated liver, internal bleeding and fractured ribs, British newspaper Mirror reported.

Doctors examined the bite marks left on the baby girl's forehead and found they matched Medvedevas's teeth.

The judge said medical evidence showed Auske suffered for up to six hours before dying in agony.

"The murder of a helpless infant only a few weeks old in circumstances of brutality that defies belief is almost beyond comprehension."  -- The British judge

It seems Medvedevas was struggling to cope with being a dad when he killed Aukse.

The prosecutor said: "For reasons known only to him, but which may well be rooted in the pressures of home life and his own inability to cope with the change in his circumstances, he took hold of his own baby.

"He bit her on the head, he struck her repeatedly and he shook her hard - the injuries that he inflicted were so serious that she died, not immediately but a few hours later."

Ms Urbikaite, an agency worker, came home from work to find her baby lying lifeless in her cot at their home in Peterborough, England.

The Daily Mail said she rushed her daughter to hospital but it was too late.

Changed story

When interviewed by police, Medvedevas denied causing the fatal injuries but gave no explanation about how they were caused.

He later claimed that Aukse had fallen off the bed and hit her head while he was asleep.

Medvedevas then changed his story a third time, admitting that he caused the fatal injuries, and claimed that he shook his baby, threw her onto the bed and then she fell to the floor.

He admitted murdering Aukse on the third day of his murder trial.

The brutality of the attack on a defenceless baby almost defied belief, the judge said. The bite marks on her head were "particularly shocking".

He said the fact that baby Aukse suffered considerably for hours before her eventual death "demonstrated a callousness that is as incredible as it is inhuman".

Sources: Mirror, Mail Online

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