Japan issues highest alert over super typhoon Neoguri

This article is more than 12 months old

Japan is preparing for what looks to be one of its worst storms in decades. 

Super typhoon Neoguri is approaching the country and is expected to hit early on Tuesday.

Satellite image by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration showing super typhoon Neoguri heading towards Japan.

The country's weather agency on Monday extended its highest alert to Okinawa’s main island, which has about 1.2 million residents. An earlier alert covered only​ the Miyako Island region with a population of 53,000.

The top-level warning means the typhoon poses a threat to life and could inflict massive damage from gusts of up to 270 kmh and torrential rain.

Waves could reach as high as 14m, said an official of the Japan Meteorological Agency.  

Neoguri is expected to dump up to 80mm of rain an hour on Okinawa as it pounds the archipelago.​

Satellite image of the super typhoon by Pagasa. 

Mr Satoshi Ebihara, the agency’s chief weather forecaster​, said: “Record-level violent winds and high waves are posing a serious danger to the Miyako Island region. People are advised to refrain from going outdoors... evacuate if necessary before violent winds occur and take appropriate action to protect themselves."  

The massive gusts and torrential rain will possibly reach mainland Japan by Wednesday, said a weather agency official.

Source: AFP