Japan teen murderer kept cat head in fridge

This article is more than 12 months old

A 16-year-old Japanese schoolgirl who confessed to decapitating a classmate kept a severed cat head in her refrigerator, a report said on Tuesday.

The teen was arrested last week on suspicion of murdering fellow student Aiwa Matsuo, 15.

Police discovered Aiwa's dismembered body on a bed in the suspect’s home in the western Japanese city of Sasebo. The girl isn’t named because she is a minor.

On Tuesday, the Mainichi newspaper said investigators found a severed cat head in a refrigerator and about one million yen (S$12,100) in cash at the apartment where the girl lived alone.

She had been living there since April on the advice of psychiatrists after she battered her father with a baseball bat.

Her father – who remarried about three months ago after the girl’s mother died of cancer last year – is believed to have given the cash to his daughter. 

Bored of killing animals

The Mainichi and Jiji Press news agency reported on Tuesday that the suspect told her stepmother that she planned to murder a person after growing bored of killing animals.

A day before the incident, her parents consulted a psychiatrist and tried to get the girl hospitalised, but the request was turned down due to lack of space at the facility, Jiji said.

The father then called a local child welfare office, but a security guard told him to call back after the weekend. 

The girl has told investigators that she “wanted to dissect someone”.

Source: AFP