Japanese man kicked to death during fight over seats at eatery

A Japanese man kicked a fellow diner at a noodle bar to death before calmly returning to his food, local media reported on Tuesday.

Shinichiro Imanishi, 37, allegedly threw Mr Hisao Kitajima, 49, to the floor and stomped on him repeatedly, a police spokesman told AFP.

The pair had been fighting over seats at an eatery in Tokyo. 

Trouble erupted when Mr Kitajima pulled a chair which Imanishi was using to rest his foot on, police said.

After the frenzied attack, Imanishi, who weighs 120kg, did nothing to help his victim.

Instead, he ordered a bowl of noodles, local media said.

Died two days later

Mr Kitajima died two days later of his injuries.

Imanishi reportedly told fellow diners that he might as well eat his meal, saying: “I will go to jail. This will be my last supper.”

He was arrested shortly after the incident.

Source: AFP