Japanese woman destroys cheating boyfriend's Apple collection

Word of advice - if you plan on cheating on your girlfriend, keep your Apple products away from her.

A Japanese man learned this the hard way. 

Angry that he had cheated on her, the man's girlfriend proceeded to exact revenge on him - in a place where it hurts the most.

No, his genitals are fine. But his Apple products aren't.

The girlfriend (or rather ex-girlfriend) dumped his entire collection of Apple products including macbooks, iPads and iPhones in the tub.

She then took a photo of the gadgets jacuzzi and sent it to him on his mobile phone - probably the only Apple item left unscathed.

The photo made it onto Twitter as well and it has gone viral.

Reactions to the woman's actions largely supported her, calling her actions "the best revenge" and exclaiming "You go, girl!".

Only the hardcore Apple fans were not too pleased with the way she treated their sacred products.


But for the cheating boyfriend, it was essentially his worst nightmare. 

Source: RocketNews24, Daily Dot