Japanese woman tries to strangle husband for not giving her a present

She had given her husband a present on Valentine’s Day (Feb 14).

Following Japanese custom, she had expected to receive a gift in return on White Day (March 14).

So when she didn't get anything, she allegedly tried to strangle him with a necktie.

Mie Nishiyama, 43, was arrested on suspicion of attempted murder at her home in Sakai city shortly after midnight following an emergency call made by her 31-year-old husband.

She was quizzed by police on Monday (March 16).

Nishiyama told police she suspected he was having an affair.

"And he did not give me a gift in return for Valentine’s Day. I was angry and strangled him," she was quoted by police as saying.

She claimed she had not intended to kill her husband, a police official told AFP.

Source: AFP


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