Johor politician: Those not well versed in Malay should be stripped of M'sian citizenship

This article is more than 12 months old

For Datuk Dr Sharuddin Salleh, language is the key to identity and nationality.

He thinks Malaysians who are not well versed in the Malay language should be stripped of their citizenship.

While it was unclear when and where he made the statements, The Star Online reported yesterday (Nov 20) that Datuk Dr Shahruddin said that there were "many students" who are not able to master the Malay language, even among the Malays themselves.

“Even my own neighbour whose father and mother are Malays but because their child goes to international school, the child is unable to converse in Malay,” he said.

The situation was prevalent in the local schools, he noted, due to the fact that students were more interested in learning and mastering English.

After he made the statement, another assemblyman suggested that the state government use Jawi in all official documents in the Johor state.

The suggestion was however shot down by Md Jais Sarday, chairman of the Entrepreneur, Cooperative Development, Education and Information committee. 

Source: The Star Online