Killer commits suicide after shooting six adults, two children, in Canada

Canadian police described it as "senseless mass murder".

A man shot and killed eight people  including two children  before committing suicide.

Starting on Monday night, the incident unfolded in three different locations in Edmonton, in the western province of Alberta, Canada.

Seven of those killed – three women, two men and the two children – were found in the same house, Edmonton Police Chief Rod Knecht said. The eighth victim was a woman.

Investigators meet at one of three crime scenes where seven people were found dead, in north Edmonton.

“It’s a tragic day for Edmonton... with this multiple murder of eight people,” Knecht said.

The events began in the southern part of the city where a man was found to have “discharged his weapon” on a female victim in her 30s and fled the scene, Knecht explained.

The suspected killer, whose relatives said was suicidal, then headed to a residence in the north of the city, where he killed another seven people.

After a first unsuccessful patrol, police returned to that house.

Police cordon tape surrounds a house where seven people were found dead in one of three crime scenes in north Edmonton.

Members of the coroner's office remove a body from one of three crime scenes. Photos: Reuters

After forcing the door open, they discovered the bodies of the seven victims.

Working off of evidence and testimony, detective quickly identified the suspected killer, who was not identified publicly.

He was found early Tuesday in a Vietnamese restaurant Fort Saskatchewan, a northeastern suburb of Edmonton, after committing suicide.

Relatives of the suspected killer say he was feeling suicidal. 

 An eye-witness told the Edmonton Journal newspaper that she heard noises outside the restaurant.  She saw several police officers, one of whom called for the suspect to come out. Inside, detectives found a body they identified as the suspected killer. Knecht stressed that the public was not at any risk. ​- AFP


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