Killer posts Facebook pictures of delivered birthday cake in prison

Liam Whitnell, is serving a life sentence of at least 24 years for the murder of Kowshar Hussain, 24, whom he and three accomplices stabbed in 2011. 

And yet, the convicted killer somehow managed to turn life in prison into joy.

He recently uploaded several pictures of his mini 31st birthday party, onto Facebook from the inside Wandsworth high-security prison in London.

The pictures showed a super-hero themed birthday cake,a takeaway kebab and photos of himself and his fellow inmates in plainclothes.

Investigations are being conducted as to how the prisoners were able to upload the pictures because prisoners are not allowed to have phones.

A Prison Service spokesperson of Britain's largest prison said should any rules be broken, prisoners will be stripped of their privileges. 


Photos: Facebook, Wandsworth Prison

Mr Hussain was collecting a baby seat on behalf of a friend when he was killed.

Mr Hussain's sister told The Sun, "He can never celebrate his birthday or have a kebab again."

Source: Mirror, Facebook