Kim Jong-Un is finally out in public after disappearing for more than a month

​After a month of playing "Where's Kim Jong-Un", North Korea watchers can take note that the country's leader has finally resurfaced once again, with a w​alking stick in hand.

The leader had not been seen in public for more than a month and even missed out on the anniversary celebration of the Worker's Party of Korea. 

The North Korean state media reported that Kim made an inspection tour of a newly-built housing complex in Pyongyang.

Kim was seen leaning on a black walking stick in his left hand as he toured the complex built for scientists working on North Korea's satellite programme.

He first disappeared from the public eye after attending a music concert with his wife in Pyongyang on Sept 3.

Rumours as to the reasons behind his disappearance started heating up about two weeks ago.

Some of these theories included an extended rest period and a leadership coup. There was also a long list of possible illnesses including gout and diabetes. 

At the inspection of the new housing complex, the official KCNA news agency said: “Looking over the exterior of the apartment houses and public buildings, decorated with diverse colored tiles, Kim expressed great satisfaction, saying they looked very beautiful."

Source: AFP

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