Kind-hearted cabby offers rides to the blind with seeing eye dogs in KL

Everybody loves a heart warming story and this is nothing short of it.

Mohd Kamil Affendy Hashim, 32, watched a video by Jason Lim titled 'Are You Blind' that featured sight-impaired Stevens Chan.

The video showed viewers how negative citizens were to Chan and his seeing eye dog as they were chased out of buildings and the public transports systems. 



Seeing this, Kamil thought he could make a difference.

The Kuala Lumpur taxi driver posted on his Facebook account his handphone number saying that anybody blind with a seeing eye dog was more than welcome to call him for a ride despite him being Muslim.

Mohd Kamil Affendy, also known as Eddie, also posted,"I’m Malay and a Muslim. A taxi driver in KL. I stay in Setapak. I support guide dogs. Any blind man with a guide dog who needs a ride, their family and friends can always SMS or WhatsApp me.”

“PS: Every religion in this world taught us to be kind to everyone, in any condition, including animals,” he said.

Taxi driver Kamil offers rides to sight impaired people with seeing eye dogs. Photo: Malay Mail

The kind-hearted animal lover melted hearts all over the country with his post.

Facebook users started commenting on how they should give Kamil more business, blessings and how Kamil represents a true Malaysian.

Chan, who is the founder and CEO of the Malaysian chapter of social business enterprise Dialogue in the Dark,  lost his sight to glaucoma seven years ago

Chan said that hearing what Kamil had to say way very touching. And that although they have yet to meet, he hopes toget a ride with Kamil soon.

Land Public Transport Commission chairman Syed Hamid Albar said guide dogs are allowed on public transport and in malls for people who are sight impaired.

Sources: The Star, The Malay Mail Online