Law student throws boiling water at prof after he criticises her for being late

Her peers were shocked.

About 60 of them were already in class when a senior student, surnamed Wang, turned up late on Tuesday (Nov 11).

She told Professor Jiang Jiyue​ at the Songjiang campus of East China University of Political Science and Law that she was preparing for her graduate entrance exams at the library and missed the time.

Prof Jiang, who is in his 50s, reportedly said that she would not get through the exams if she was late like this, Shanghai Daily reported.

“The professor meant it as a joke,” one of the students added.

But during a break in class, Wang took the professor's water bottle, went out and filled it with boiling water.

Then she splashed it on his face, in front of horrified students.

The professor suffered burns on his face and neck after a student threw boiling water at him in class.
Photo: YouTube/ Shanghai Daily


Prof Jiang told that he tried to get away when she threw the water but wasn’t quick enough.

He suffered blisters and second-degree burns on the face and back.

He said: “I did not criticise her in a serious way. I said how will you pass the graduate examination when you can’t even figure out the time for your class?"

When she took the bottle, he thought she was making amends for her earlier tardiness.

"I was touched for a moment and said thank you," he added. “Just before the class resumed, she approached me and I went to take the bottle.

"The bottle was not covered. (That's when) she threw the hot water at me.”

Prof unable to teach for at least a year

The university issued a statement last night, saying Jiang would not be able to take classes for at least a year.

Wang, who is a senior student at the law school, has not been detained as yet.

Ou Ya, a publicity official at the university, said Wang’s parents had been informed after police took over the case.

“As an adult, she has to bear the social and legal consequences,” Ou said.

Sources: Shanghai Daily,, YouTube