At least five dead, including three children, after Houston shooting

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A shooting has claimed the lives of at least four children, some as young as eight, and two adults at a home near Houston, Texas.

The gunman opened fire and shot at seven people.

A mother and a child were airlifted out of the home and taken to the hospital, but the child has since died according to local media.

Reports stated that the mother is the lone survivor from the shooting and is currently fighting for her life.

Photo: abc13

Media reports stated that the woman, who was shot in the head, told police officials that the shooter was a family member.

It is believed that a break-up in the family prompted the shooting.

She had managed to call 911 and tell the police where the shooter was headed.

What followed was a 20 minute chase.

The shooter then fled, but the police gave chase. A standoff then took place for hours.

After some negotiations, the man emerged from his car, put his hands up and went down on his knees as he was arrested.

The suspect, who is in his mid 30s,  is believed to have locked himself in the vehicle while authorities try to negotiate with him.

Sheriff's Sgt. Thomas Gilliland described the man as "cool as a cucumber". He said that the man was "just sitting in his car looking out for us."

Sources: abc13, AP, Reuters, Huffington Post, AFP

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